In 2011, Bumi Sehat's founder Robin Lim won the CNN Hero of the Year award. This happened because of an international outpouring of support. Your Support.

Since then, Bumi Sehat has been fortunate to receive — from caring people all over the world — generous offers to volunteer their time and services. We greatly appreciate these offers, but the reality is that we can only accommodate a small number of on-site volunteers. If you are interested in one of the programs listed below, please follow links and the instructions on the page to request an application. Please do use the Contact form. Only accepted applicants are allowed to come here to volunteer with us and all fees must be paid in advance. We do not accept walk-ons or general volunteers. If we cannot accept you as an onsite volunteer at this time, please do not be discouraged, there are many ways that you can help right now from home. To find out more see the Get Involved section of this Web site.