Our History

In 1995, Bumi Sehat Foundation International’s founder, Ibu Robin Lim, began providing health services free of charge for pregnant women and children under the age of five in the Ubud, Bali area. Over the next decade, as demand grew and knowledge of her services became widespread, others joined together with Robin to support the initiative of providing care for women and children in need.

In 2003, a report was released indicating that the maternal mortality at birth in Indonesia was the highest among ASEAN countries – a staggering 373 deaths per 100,000 births. Robin and her team, along with business and community leaders, believed it was time to formalize their activities to create an institution to provide social services and health education, to improve the quality of health for mothers and children through prenatal clinics and labor services, and environmental programs for cleaner communities.

By 2005, the first Yayasan Bumi Sehat Community Health Education and Childbirth Center was officially established in Nyuh Kuning village in Bali, Indonesia. In the aftermath of devastation of the December 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, Bumi Sehat’s team was an early first responder. The team has been on the ground since that time by establishing a second Community Health Education and Childbirth Center in Aceh, Indonesia.

In 2011, we expanded and added Bumi Sehat Foundation International, a 501(c)(3) registered in the United States. Also in 2011, founder Robin Lim was recognized as the CNN Hero of the Year.

Today, Bumi Sehat Foundation International operates two Community Health Education and Childbirth Centers – one in Bali and another in post-tsunami Aceh, Indonesia. We have expanded beyond health services to include other programs: education through our Youth Centers;  elderly wellness services; scholarship programs for future midwives;  disaster relief programs;  and much more. Last year alone, the recorded human services provided by Bumi Sehat totaled more than 50,000 and brought more than 600 newborns peacefully into this world. And we have much more we want to accomplish.

There are those of us on the ground - working day and night and giving love and care to those in need: We are the hands of Bumi Sehat. But you, our international supporters and donors, you make it possible for us to carry out our services: You are the HEART of Bumi Sehat.

We know we can do more ... because of loving supporters like you across the world.