Millennium Campaign


We're excited to set a goal to raise one million dollars by 2015 to support our Millennium Goals to:

- Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
- Achieve universal education
- Promote gender equality and empower women
- Reduce child mortality
- Improve maternal health
- Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
- Ensure environmental sustainability
- Create global partnerships for development

Last year, we provided more than 50,000 human services, welcomed 600 newborns into this world at no cost to the family, and provided almost 10,000 free clinical visits.

We received authorization in March 2013 to start breaking ground for our new clinic in Bali – a facility three times the size of our current Community Health Education and Childbirth Center – where we hope to provide three times the amount of services to babies, mothers, families and communities.

Every contribution – large or small – is important as we strive to raise one million dollars to build the new clinic. Make a gift today >

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