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Bumi Sehat Foundation International has come a long way since we first opened our doors in 1995. We feel a deep, sincere gratitude for all of our supporters - young and old - throughout almost two decades who have help us get to where we are today.

In this short amount of time, we have established two fully functional birth and medical clinics in Indonesia. We employ more than 82 permanent Indonesian staff members. We provide more than 50,000 in recorded human services annually. And each year we welcome some 600 newborn lives into the world!

Our policy is that healthcare is a human right — no one is turned away. We offer our services at no cost to patients and their families  our communities to donate only what they can and only within their means.

Join our community today by making as generous a gift as possible, sharing our story with family and friends, or tell us how you would like to get involved.