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The CNN SuperHero Special airing on Friday, Dec. 9 CNN/US and CNN INTERNATIONAL: Friday, December 9 at 10pm ET. That is Dec 10 at 10 am in Jakarta and 11 am in Bali, Indonesia and the Philippines. In Europe that is 4 am.
I hope you will be happy to see what Bumi Sehat is up to.

Love, Ibu Robin


Ibu Robin’s 60th Birthday at the New Bumi Sehat Bali Clinic

“Dear Family, The outpouring of LOVE from our Bumi Sehat community, was just bliss to witness. Hundreds of Children, most of them Born Gently, enjoyed face painting, games, gifts of whistles and we put flowers in their hair, & Helium Balloons! Our village elders all attending, with Bumi Sehat T-Shirts to dance. Favorite musicians of the Youth and the Elders sang LOVE songs and Activist ballads. The Village really never before came together with xpats in this way. There were so many flowers. As the hours melted into late, I gave roses to each woman… And the children, and the men wished for flowers too. There was rain and dancing in the mud. And — FOOD. A mOm in labor too. It was heaven on Earth. Thank YOU Terima Kasih, to our Bumi Sehat family. Those of you in Bali, and those far away but close in heart. I feel hope & LOVE and Peace on Earth, have a darn good chance. Signing up to last 108 healthy years on this amazing Earth. May we all stay healthy & happy together. In Gratitude, Terima Kasih

I LOVE each of You” ~ Ibu Robin Lim

Footage by Jungle Run | Edited by Xenia Blair


Ibu Robin Lim’s 60th Birthday Wish

Dear Bumi Sehat Global Family,

Nov 24th, Thanksgiving Day, is Ibu Robin’s 60th birthday.

Through your love and support Ibu Robin has received the best birthday gift ever: a permanent Bumi Sehat clinic in Bali. Since the new clinic soft opening a few weeks ago, Bumi Sehat’s patient load has more than doubled and operational expenses for providing healthcare as a human right are high.

Please consider sending a $60 birthday donation to honor Ibu Robin’s 60th Birthday through paypal/creditcard/check/transfer:
Donation Online >

Terima Kasih ~ Thank YOU


Bumi ~ Wadah Philippines

Following the devastation caused by super typhoon, Haiyan, in November 2013, Bumi Sehat Foundation International   partnered with WADAH Foundation.  Since the disaster Bumi~Wadah has established a permanent Childbirth Clinic in Dulag, Leyte Island, at the epicenter of the devastation.  Our midwives have received more than 1,300 babies and delivered 6,300 prenatal check-ups.  Other human services include general medicine for the sick, injured and homeless. Our team has distributed disaster survival supplies to families, and given them 149,000 meals.  

All because you care!