Bumi ~ Wadah Philippines

Following the devastation caused by super typhoon, Haiyan, in November 2013, Bumi Sehat Foundation International   partnered with WADAH Foundation.  Since the disaster Bumi~Wadah has established a permanent Childbirth Clinic in Dulag, Leyte Island, at the epicenter of the devastation.  Our midwives have received more than 1,300 babies and delivered 6,300 prenatal check-ups.  Other human services include general medicine for the sick, injured and homeless. Our team has distributed disaster survival supplies to families, and given them 149,000 meals.  

All because you care!  


News: Robin Lim: Midwife and Maternal Health Advocate

When her sister died from complications with her third pregnancy, Robin Lim was crushed. She and her husband Will left their home in Hawaii and relocated to Bali, Indonesia.  Robin had been raised for many years in the Philippines and knew she would be happy there. She also decided to take this difficult time in her life as an opportunity to become part of the solution, not just angry about the problem.

Source: Canadian Centre for Bio-ethical Reform (February 1, 2013)