100+ Gunung Agung Evacuees Take Shelter At Bumi Sehat


More than 100 evacuees (pengungsi) from Gunung Agung’s ongoing eruptions are currently staying indefinitely at Bumi Sehat. They are coping with the loss of their farms, homes and livelihood but all are safe.

Since September 2017, Bali’s highest mountain, Gunung Agung, has shown varying levels of volcanic activity. Initially the Indonesian government raised the alert level to the highest possible Level 4. Then in October it was lowered to Level 3. Finally, on the 21st and 25th of November Gunung Agung erupted with larger eruptions still expected to come.

Video story of the first wave of pregnant evacuees at Bumi Sehat in September. Now they’ve been evacuated for a second time – this time with their newborn babies!

If you can contribute in any way or any amount, please help!
These are the people who grow Bali’s food for the restaurants, guesthouses, hotels and markets that we all enjoy. They have been quietly feeding all of us in the past - now it’s our turn to feed them! Let’s keep our extended island family cared for while they shelter with us away from Gunung Agung’s eruption.

To learn more about Bumi Sehat’s relief efforts, please follow this link

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